TherananoTechnology Pipeline

InCeRT Implants for Chemo-radiation therapy

InCeRT spacer implants are drug-releasing implants for local chemo- and chemoradiation therapy for a variety of cancers.

We are currently pursuing manufacturing and approval of IND application for a Phase I clinical trial.


  • Breakthrough technology for Quantitative MRI

  • Uses magnetic nanoparticles that are safe

  • Currently conducting first-in-human clinical trial at MGH 

  • Quantitative blood volume measurements for disease diagnosis

  • Angiograms with unprecedented clarity and definition

Nanomedicines of molecular inhibitors 

NanoTalazoparib is a novel nanoparticle formulation of the PARP inhibitor Talazoparib that is being tested in pre-clinical studies in ovarian, breast and lung cancer and Ewings sarcoma animal models, and is ready for scale-up pharmaceutical manufacturing for IND enabling studies.


Srinivas Sridhar, PhD


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Bijay Singh, Phd

Principal Scientist

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